About Talitha Steen

Talitha Steen is the one of the great minister of God that God is using powerfully for this our generation.

And she is also an Internet Marketer that help people to improve their business and marketing.

She is a prophetess and Evangelist of the most high God of this end time.

She is God fearing woman in the house of the Lord and her husband. She is blessed with glorious Children.

As you know that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. And all what God using her servant.

Talitha Steen to do is to proclaim the gospel and using to free people from the hands and power of the darkness by the power of God.

Talitha Steen is a Licensed American Preacher. Born and raised in Detroit. She is a Grand Mother a Mother and a wife.

Talitha Gave her self to the Lord at 16 years old and She has group up since the age of two in various Baptist Detroit.

She is also the Co Founder of a Detroit Based 501 C 3 Non denomination Baptist Church.

She is a witness that God can keep you and change your life even coming from abuse in her family and violence in her City.

She is a Holiness preacher and lives like its at any moment she expects to see Jesus returns.

About Website

This website was created not for herself but just for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can learn everything about the second coming of the Lord and be blessed by His grace.

This website is not just ordinary website that you are seeing outside there. But this website is already filled with power of the

Holy Spirit. It built up by the direction of the Holy Spirit.

You can read and also share anything about the word of God on this website. Invite your friend and family to also take part in this blessings on this gospel site. You can Contact her here if you need more information.

May God almighty bless you all. Thanks for taking your precious time to read more about Talitha Steen and her gospel Website.